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Among a fleet of approx 500 sailing boats, charter the right boat (or boats for flotilas) for you and your friends, bareboat or skippered. Pick a wonderful sailing area of Greece, Aegean sea, Dodecanese, Sporades complex or Ionian sea and choose one organized diving spot, with our local colleagues – diving centers (we operate dives only at Saronikos gulf and Ionian sea). Book as many dives per week or day (with pro local guide-divemaster), every other day, different island, different diving spots every dive, (scuba diving equipment included) and let the rest of your people visit the island like ordinary sailing tourists, go for a swim to a wonderful beach nearby where you can meet them after your dive session.



You can rent your scuba diving equipment (present year checked and certified).
Masks & snorkels, fins, buoyancy compensators (BCD’s), regulators (with gauges), wetsuits, boots, gloves, weight & belts, tanks, scuba torches.



Through a fleet of approx 500 sailing boats you can just charter a bareboat or a skippered boat. We will offer you the best boat according your needs (no of people, space and budget).

Bases (starting points) are for heading to Kiklades and Saronikos gulf : Athens (Alimos marina) and Lavrio and for Ionian sea: Corfou and Lefkas. Dodecanese: Kos and Rhodes. Sporades: Skiathos.




We can just organize your diving route by booking our professional diving colleagues – official recognized diving centers – in each island you are planning to visit: Ionian sea and Saronikos gulf), so they can meet you, provide you the equipment you need and guide you to the best dive spots.

Who we are and what we do

After many years of racing competition and fun in water sports we decide to create an alternative vacations program.
We combine diving and sailing in Greece, in many different spots around the Greek islands and the mainland, by living and travelling on a sailing boat.

We invite certified divers to get on a sailing boat and visit a different island or mainland spot every day, meet our professionals colleagues – Recognized Diving Centers and let them guide you in the underwater beauties of the Greek sea, different island every day, different port and different underwater beauties …

Our diving activity area is Ionian Sea and the gulf of Saronikos.

We also invite sailors, with friends and family for an enjoyable route through sea, sun, culture, food and beauties of the Greek islands.

Our boats sailing all over Greek seas. Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Saronikos gulf (close to Athens) and Ionian sea

We cooperate with all the charter companies in Greece, with a great fleet variety of sailing boats, for every preference and budget. Sail all over Greece and dive, when you like, with one of the 14 recognized Diving Centers, in Ionian sea or Saronikos Gulf (Aegean sea).

Come on board and sail on your own, or with a skipper. In order to feel and enjoy many more characteristics of the Greek way of life, on the surface, such as the culture and hospitality of the people on the islands (3.200 islands – 244 inhabited), the way of everyday living and the climate (dry and warm) will force you into a more leisure pace of life, whether you want it or not, the unmistakably breathtaking photos of the blue roofs and whitewashed buildings, the variety of the Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and artisanal wine and cheese, the different sunsets and sunrises, the gulfs and beaches (13.670 km of coastline and 419 beaches awarded with “Blue flags”) and combine this with diving in the Greek underwater world (8.500 under water creatures and 1.500 under water plants).

The underwater environment of Greece has two distinctive attractions: the local marine ecosystem in terms of flora & fauna & the underwater cultural sites including ancient underwater cities, artifacts and wrecks.

On about any dive, there’s a chance you’ll see ancient artifacts. This makes diving in Greece unique. You might get to observe (not touch) ancient artifacts all around the Greek seas, this is like an archeological adventure every time you slip into the water.

Crystal clear blue-green waters with white sand and visibility up to 30 – 40 meters will show you large predators, like groupers, a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, gorgonians, scorpion fish, colorful sponges, starfishes crabs, shrimps, eels, seahorses and if you are lucky enough there’s a good chance to see dolphins and sea turtles.
Or make the difference and dive in the Melissani lake / cave, near a fishing village named Agia Ephimia, in Cephalonia island.

Diving Info



Diving is available throughout the year. From June to October are the warmest months.


Hot and dry summer weather, from June to October, with average temperatures of 27C / 43F


From surface to more than 50 meters / 160feet.


6 meters / 20 feet to more than 50 meters / 160 feet, depending on the area and the time of the year.


from 16 – 23 C / 60 – 74 F depending upon site, sea and island.


Most sites are relatively free of currents.


From novice to tec.


You can take your own equipment. The equipment provided from Freece Sail’n Dive colleagues is: wetsuits, regulators, buoyancy control devices, fins, weights, mask and diving tank. No scuba electronics are renting. Furthermore, our colleagues – dive centers, can provide full equipment, only upon special request and extra charge.


Divers usually use 5mm suits during summer and 7mm suits during winter.


In 2005 Greek government decided to abolish the rigid restrictions on scuba diving and since then Recreational scuba diving has been possible almost everywhere in Greece. However, there are still some regulations and restricted areas. It is forbidden to remove or photograph antiquities and all findings have to be reported to the local Archeological Service, Port Authorities or Police. Scuba diving with breathing devices is allowed from sunrise to sunset. All the regulations were established  to protect the  ancient heritage, artifacts and other archeological items.


All Divivng Centers – colleagues provide diving insurance and emergency proceedures/access.


Choose Your Yacht


Bareboat or skippered
From 30ft (2 double cabins+WC), up to 54ft (5 double cabins + 2 crew ,4WC’s)
Year of build 2010 – 2020.


Skippered or bareboat
From 38ft (4 double cabins+2WC’s) up to 62ft (5 double cabins, 4WC’s+2crew)
Year of build 2010 – 2020.
Attika: Athens (Alimos marina), Lavrio (Lavrio port).
Ionian sea: Lefkas (Lefkas marina) and Corfu (Gouvia marina)
Aegean sea: Kos, Rhodes.
Sporades: Skiathos
Please send us your request (skippered or bareboat, hostess, number of persons, period and base you prefer) and we will respond as soon as possible.

Note: A budget, for boat chartering, would be very helpfull since we should concider the age and the size of the boat.

| CONTACT US: info@greecesailndive.com

Sailing Conditions


The Mediterranean enjoys an average of 315 sunny days each year. During the popular season of April through October, blue sky and warm weather prevail. Midsummer offers long evenings, glorious sunsets, gentle winds and still seas. Since mid July up to mid September, in Aegean sea, “Meltemi” wind is present. Strong N-NE winds are fighting the heat and need skillfull crew to sail the waters.

The water temperature is about 19° C in low season and about 28° C in high season.


Starting/Sailing IN LEFKAS (Lefkas marina)

A Lefkas sailing vacation presents the southern Ionian Islands, some of the most famous in Greece, such as fabled Ithaca known for its fearless ruler, Odysseus (Ulysses), hero of the Trojan War and Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. The Echinades Islands are also in this cruising ground. A Lefkas charter is very family friendly, ideal for couples with younger children or for skippers with less experienced crews. The waters are well protected, making flat seas common. During the cruising season from April through November expect northwest winds from 10 to 15 knots, with calms in the morning. Navigation is line-of-sight. The tidal range is just one to two feet and therefore tidal currents are practically nonexistent, except in the sea level Lefkas Canal (no locks), where currents are noticeable. A Lefkas yacht charter is well within the reach of sailors who have basic skills in coastal navigation. Average temperatures during the cruising season range between 76°F and 82°F (24°C to 28°C).

Starting/Sailing IN CORFU(Gouvia marina, Corfu)

A Corfu sailing vacation presents the northern Ionian Islands.Navigation is straightforward. During the cruising season from April through November expect northwest winds from 10 to 15 knots, with calms in the morning. A Corfu yacht charter is well within the reach of sailors who have basic skills in coastal navigation. Average temperatures during the cruising season range between 76°F and 82°F (24°C to 28°C).



The cruising grounds that surround Lavrion are among the most picturesque surroundings in Greece.  You will be surrounded by the beautiful bays and coves of the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades Islands, with quiet villages and busy tourist destinations, historic sites and scenic beaches. The unique character of this region is reflected in the architecture of the homes and villages, as well as the castles, monasteries and churches perched high on the hilltops. Consider sailing through the protected waters of the Saronic Gulf between the Attica and Peloponnesian peninsulas, or enjoy a more exhilarating and challenge itinerary sailing to the Cyclades Islands. Each destination has a pleasing host of varied attractions. The rewards of a bareboat sailing vacation from Lavrion are many — snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing on pristine beaches; sightseeing tours of ancient temples and medieval castles; ventures through traditional open-air markets, and dining in intimate tavernas are all indulgences not to be missed.



Combine a sailing and diving adventure in the Ionian Sea or the Saronikos gulf . Witness the non-touristic side of the Greek islands. Experience shipwrecks, cliffs, caves, walls reefs, traces of ancient civilizations and of course the spectacular biodiversity of our waters which can’t wait to meet your bubbles!
Our boats can accommodate 4-12 people in their cabins. In order to guarantee safety and pleasure for our guests, we accept certified divers (PADI Open Water, CMAS One Star Diver etc) each time, while in case of Discover Scuba Diving case a special statement is needed.

  • Crystal clear blue waters with spectacular visibility up to 30-40 meters
  • Gorgonians, corals, colourful sponges, starfishes, nudi branches and tube worms, sea anemonies are some of the ‘micro’ attractions you will encounter
  • The king of hunters, Barracuda, the master of disguises, Scorpion fish, the Brazilian carnavalist, the Parrot fish, groupers, moray eels and octopi are all there for you to spot them in rock formations and meadows of sea grass.
  • Don’t be surprised if our route crosses with dolphins, tunas and the loggerhead turtle or the Monk Seal!
Dive price includes a divemaster guide through the diving sites, diving equipment (no electronics),  DAN insurance, transportation with diving boat. PADI courses (Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and other Specialties) are also available at an extra fee.
Note: Please mind your diving documents since they are essential for diving centers and Greek Coast guard.
For more info about Diving conditions click here!