Disclaimer and Terms of Service

The following chartering terms and conditions such as boat equipment presented with videos and pictures on the displayed yachts may vary from the equipment of the offered yachts and describe the sales policy of our colleagues chartering companies and diving centers. Displayed yachts are presented to indicate the type and the model of the yachts offered. They are not actual pictures or actual videos of the vessels offered by the company (unless otherwise is stated). The yachts offered are described in the specific offer statement of the company for each inquiry/charter contract.
Described services and facilities are indicative. They may vary depending on actual conditions (period, base, yacht).
Terms, conditions and prices may vary. They can be revised without any prior notice.


Charter rates in Euro referring to weekly (7nights/6days) charter period, including:
Current VAT and
Use of yachts with following equipment: VHF, Radio CD, GPS, Autopilot, Echo sounder, Speedometer, Dinghy with Outboard motor, water supply, Spray hood, Bimini/tent, Blankets/linen.

Charter rates do not include:
Fuel, water, provisioning, extra linen running expenses & mooring fees.

Compulsory per charter:
Standard Charter Pack (not commissionable, payable at the base in cash): final cleaning, bed sheets & towels (one set per person), first fill for outboard engine, spare bottle of gas: Yachts with 2 cabins 70€, 3 cabins 105€, 4 cabins 140€, 5 cabins 175€, 6 cabins 210€. Catamarans: up to 40’ 140€, 41’-43’ 175€, 45-50’ 210€.
Embarkation: starting date from 17h00.
Disembarkation: ending day by 09h00.
Compulsory: return to base the evening before disembarkation, at 18h00, the latest. Check in/out procedures time is considered to be part of the charter period.
Rhodes, Kos, Athens, Lavrio, Corfu & Lefkas. Furthermore, upon availability we can offer charters out of Paros, Samos, Rhodes, Skiathos, Syros. Other arrangements upon request.
Optional Crew services:
Skipper: 160 – 190€ per day plus food provision
Cook: 140€ per day plus food provision; Hostess: 140€ per day plus food provision. Chef: 160-180 per day.
The Cook is taking care of the breakfast, 2 meals & yacht’s cleaning daily. The Hostess is taking care of breakfast, one light meal, saloon – kitchen & deck cleaning daily.

Security Deposit
The said refundable Security Deposit is required upon embarkation and will cover any damage or loss of the yacht and her equipment during the cruise.

Security deposit reduction insurance:
The refundable guaranty / security deposit will described at charter requests, vary upon boat length and will be collected by base managers upon embarkation by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or cash.
Guaranty deposit is required even if skipper is hired at extra cost.

All boats are insured against:
• Risks arising from liability to third parties and damage to hull, machinery and equipment
• Third party liability
• Sea pollution liability
• A deductible provision is applied, depending on the yachts value.
• The down payment (50% of the total charter fee) is paid by bank’s transfer to our account upon contract signing.
• The balance (50% of the charter fee) is paid 45 days prior to embarkation.

Cancellation Policy
1. When cancellation is announced 1 to 45 days prior to departure, 100% of the total charter fee is due.
2. When cancellation is announced 46 to 90 days prior to departure, 50% of the total charter fee is due.
3. When cancellation is announced 91 days prior to departure, 30% of the total charter fee is due.
4. The Cancellation guarantee:
In any of the above cases, we guarantee that the total charter fee of a cancelled charter will be returned to our customer (except of an administration fee of 300 Euro), in case a new charter comes up for the same boat, for this period, under the same conditions.

• As soon as you e-mail your request(s) to us, we will give you the availability of our yachts.
• An option will be kept on a specific offer that usually lasts one week.
• The booking is confirmed by signing Reservation Agreement. The booking is secured only when charter contract is returned to the company fully signed and funds are received on time according to charter terms.

• Statements used are agreed to be the only official proofs for the conditions of each charter and the service provided by the chartering company. Charterer by signing the Delivery and the Redelivery statement declares to have no more comments or claims to arise later than signature date.
• Other statements than Chartering-Yachting Inventory, Delivery and Redelivery will be ignored.
• Claims against Chartering-Yachting Company will only be accepted within 30 days from the charters ending day.
• Yacht’s specification and equipment may vary from presented on internet. Any photos and equipment list are not contractual.
Sailing Qualifications
Bareboat yacht charter in Greece requires as minimum, that one crew member presents an appropriate sailing certificate, proving his competence as Skipper and one experienced crew member as Co-skipper. The co-skipper should provide similar documentation to the skipper’s certification or otherwise sign a self-declaration statement for the port authority stating his sailing experience. Yacht Chartering Companies reserves the right to insist that charterers hire a professional skipper, if their sailing skills are not judged sufficient by the company’s staff.


1. The Owner agrees to let on bare-boat charter and the Charterer agrees to charter the unattended yacht (hereinafter called ‘the Yacht’) for the period commencing at o’clock or thereabout on the day of and ending at o’clock on day of for the sum of which 50% is due to be paid by the Charterer Mr. / Mrs. upon the signing of this Agreement. The balance of 50% is due and payable the latest on embarkation by Traveler Cheques, Cash and Bank Certified Cheques.

2. The signing of this Agreement by the Owner and/ or his Agent becomes valid and binds the Owner to his obligations hereinafter mentioned only on condition that the Owner will actually receive the sum of the payments as indicated in Clause 1 in time.

3. The Owner agrees:

a) To fit out the Yacht and to hand her to the Charterer, without crew, clean, ready for sea with all the gear and equipment indicated in the Yacht’s brochure as well as its inventory list and in proper running and sea worthy condition at

b) To insure the Yacht and her equipment against fire, marine and collision risks and third party damage and against any and all loss or damage in excess of and the charterer shall therefore be relieved of any and all liability which is covered by the said Policy, provided that such loss or damage is not caused or contributed to by any act of cross negligence or willful default on his part. Should the Owner fail or elect not to effect such insurance he shall assume the same responsibilities as if the Yacht were so insured, but he shall not be under any liability for the loss or damage to the personal property of or for any injury to the Charterer or any person on aboard with his permission.

c) To employ every reasonable effort to insure delivery of the Yacht on the date and at the place mentioned in Clause 1 and 3 (a) here of, but if for any cause whatsoever the yacht shall not be available, the Charterer shall have the right of choice of one of the following possibilities:

1. Provided that the following charter commitment of the Yacht allows it and that the Owner agrees to prolong the period of charter by the same length of time by which the delivery has been delayed.
2. To leave the date of termination unchanged as in Clause 1 thereof and to be refunded by the Owner with an amount proportional to the time by delivery was delayed at the rate corresponding to the total charter fees in Clause 1 hereof.
3. If the delay of delivery exceeds one fourth (1/4) of the total charter time, to cancel this Agreement and he refunded by the owner with the total amount paid for this charter.

In any of the events mentioned in this Clause, neither party shall be liable to pay to the other any other compensation for any loss or damage resulting from the curtailment

The Charterer agrees:

a) To redeliver the Yacht to the Owner at cleaned-up along with all her equipment, in the same good condition as she was at take-over, at the time designated in the Clause 1, unless the yacht has become a total loss. If he shall for any reason fail to deliver the Yacht at the aforesaid date and time, to pay to the Owner demurrage at the rate of the charter price per day of this Agreement increased by fifty percent (50%) for every day or fractional part of a day thereafter until delivery has been effected. If he leaves the yacht at any place other than the place designated in this Clause, to pay to the Owner all expenses involved in transferring the yacht to the place of redelivery and pro-rata demurrage as above for the number of days required for this transfer, as well as for any loss or damage not covered by the insurance policy, which may occur on or to the yacht until she has been taken over again by the Owner.

b) To leave on deposit and as guaranty with the Owner on taking over the Yacht the to meet it whole or in part any claim by the Owner in respect of any loss or damage to the yacht and/ or her equipment not recoverable under the policy of insurance as in Clause 3(b) hereof and for any claim by the Owner in respect of the provisions of Clause 4(a) above. The aforesaid deposit shall be refunded to the Charterer, subject to the provisions above, after inspection of the yacht, her gear and her by the Owner.

c) Not to use the yacht for racing or for towing other craft, except in an emergency, or generally for any purpose other than that of private pleasure of the Charterer and his party which should include not less than 1 qualified Skipper and 1 experienced crew member, but not more than persons in all at sea, or to accommodate aboard any person other than those shown on the crew/ passenger manifest. Not to take the Yacht neither to allow her to be taken outside the area of the Hellenic seas nor to sublet the Yacht without the written consent of the Owner.

d) Not to allow any person on board to commit any act contrary to the custom laws of Hellas or of any country or contrary to the laws pertaining to fishing or under water diving nor to seek and/ or take possession of objects of archeological nature or value. In any case such act is committed, this Agreement shall there upon be terminated, but without prejudice to any rights of the Owner and that the Charterer shall carry alone any resulting responsibilities and he shall answer alone to the appropriate Authorities.

e) To take any possible preventive measure and precaution to avoid bringing the Yacht in any condition in which the Yacht will need to be towed to any point by another vessel, but should such a necessity arise, despite of the Charterers efforts, to negotiate and agree with the captain of the other vessel on the price to be paid before allowing the yacht to be towed.

f) Not to leave a port or anchorage if the wind force is or is predicted to be over six (6) of the Beaufort scale or if the harbor Authorities have imposed a prohibition of sailing or while the yacht has unrepaired damage or any of her vital parts such as engine, sails, rig, bilge pump, anchoring gear, navigation lights, compass, safety equipment, etc. are not in good working condition or without sufficient reserves of fuel or in general, when weather conditions or the state of the yacht or its crew or a combination of them concerning the safety of the yacht and her crew is doubtful.

g) When necessary, to promptly reduce canvas and not to allow the yacht to be found sailing under an amount of canvas greater than the one insuring comfortable sailing without excessive strains and stresses on the rigging and the sails, not to sail the yacht in any area not sufficiently covered by the charts at his disposal or without having previously studies the charts of the area and other printed aids on board thoroughly, not to sail the yacht at night without sufficient watch on deck.

h) To keep the yacht’s logbook up to date, noting each day the port of call, the state of the yacht and its equipment, any change in the composition of the crew when at sea regularly, the times, positions, weather conditions, sail plan and hours of engine operation.

I) To plan and to carry out the yacht’s itinerary in such a manner as to reach the port of call farthest away from the point at which the yacht must be returned to the Owner (Turn- Around Point) within the first one third (1/3) of the charter period and that two days prior to the termination of the charter the yacht’s port of call shall lie at a distance not greater than forty (40)N.M. from the point at which the yacht is to be returned to the owner.

j) To report by telephone or cable to the Owner at reasonable intervals the position and state of the yacht and of her passengers, as well as in the event of any damage to the yacht.

k) To study and acquire a working knowledge of any printed matter pertaining the proper handling of the yacht and to the conditions in the cruising area, which may be made available to him by the owner.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER AGRRED by and between the parties hereto:

# This agreement is entered into on the basis of the Charterer’s competence in sailing, seamanship and navigation stated by him in writing and in the event of any error, omission or misinterpretation in this respect being subsequently discovered, the owner shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement forthwith and to retain the charter fees.

# The owner (or his representatives) may require the Charterer and his crew to demonstrate their competence in handling and navigating the yacht safely by actually operating the yacht at sea with the owner (or his representative aboard and should the Charterer and/ or his crew fail to satisfy the owner in this respect, the owner may terminate this Agreement as stated in Clause 5 above or place aboard the yacht a seaman, if one acceptable by both the owner and the Charterer, for as many days as the owner will consider necessary for the safety of the yacht and her passengers and any time required for this test of the Charterer’s competence and seamanship would be part of the agreed Charter period.

# The delivery of the yacht to the Charterer will be made at the commencement of the charter period as designated in Clause 1. The time required to demonstrate the yacht to the Charterer and to familiarize him with her should be part of the agreed charter time. The fees use of the yacht will be granted to the Charterer after he has signed the take-over form.

# Before signing the aforesaid form, the Charterer shall have the right to inspect the yacht, her gear and her inventory thoroughly to ascertain that all are available in good working condition, except as may be noted thereon, but the signature of the take-over form by the Charterer shall be deemed to imply acceptable of the yacht, which thereafter will be in the Charterer’s full, responsibility and the Charterer shall have no right to claim in any loss of item or expense occasioned by any accident or breakdown or failure of any part of the yacht.

# After take-over, expenditures for port-dues, water, fuels, oils and any other stores required, as well as the repair of any damage or failure that may occur while the yacht is in the Charterer’s responsibility and which are not the result of normal and natural worn shall be made by the Charterer at his expense, provided there has been previously obtained consent from the Owner of the technical suitability of repairs to be made. In the case of repairs of damages or failures resulting clearly from normal and natural wear, the Charterer shall previously obtain the owner’s consent with regard to the cost and technical suitability of these repairs and the Charterer shall collect the pertinent receipts against which he shall be refunded by the owner at the end of the charter.

# If any accident or damage is caused by the yacht, the Charterer shall request from the nearest port Authority to ascertain the damage or accident and the circumstances in which it has been caused and to make a written record and statement about it and he shall notify the owner at the the same time.

# In the event of cancellation of the charter by the Charterer, for any reason except of as mentioned in Clause 3(c)(iii), after signing this Agreement, all advance payments made up the date of cancellation will be retained by the owner, and the owner reserves the right to refund the said deposits only if he succeeds in letting the yacht to another Charterer for the same period and under the same conditions. In the event that the Charterer should elect to terminate the charter and deliver the yacht prior to the date designated in this Agreement, the owner shall not be liable to the return of any proportional part of hire money.

# Should the yacht become an actual or constructive total loss before or during the charter period, this Agreement shall be deemed to be at an end the Charterer shall recover from the owner all charter monies paid in advance to the owner only in case the loss has occurred before the charter period, or during the charter period, provided that the Charterer or his crew were not responsible for the loss.

# The special provision, if any, set out in the Schedule hereto are fully accepted and form part of this Agreement.

# The Agents of the owner Messrs act in good faith on behalf of both owner and Charterer but contract as Agents only and in no way pertinent legislation of Hellas either party, except for the responsibilities provided by the pertinent legislation of Hellas.

# In the event of any dispute arising between the parties hereto with respect to this Agreement or anything herein contained the same shall be referred to two Arbitrators in Hellas one to be appointed by each party, whose decision shall be final or to an Umpire to be appointed by such Arbitrators, if and when they shall disagree, the decision in such event of the Umpire to be final.

SPECIAL PROVISION & ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS (if any) IN WITNESS whereof this Agreement has been signed by the Owner and the Charterer respectively.

Our Products and Services


Among a fleet of approx 500 sailing boats, charter the right boat (or boats for flotilas) for you and your friends, bareboat or skippered. Pick a wonderful sailing area of Greece, Aegean sea, Dodecanese, Sporades complex or Ionian sea and choose one organized diving spot, with our local colleagues – diving centers (we operate dives only at Saronikos gulf and Ionian sea). Book as many dives per week or day (with pro local guide-divemaster), every other day, different island, different diving spots every dive, (scuba diving equipment included) and let the rest of your people visit the island like ordinary sailing tourists, go for a swim to a wonderful beach nearby where you can meet them after your dive session.



You can rent your scuba diving equipment (present year checked and certified).
Masks & snorkels, fins, buoyancy compensators (BCD’s), regulators (with gauges), wetsuits, boots, gloves, weight & belts, tanks, scuba torches.



Through a fleet of approx 500 sailing boats you can just charter a bareboat or a skippered boat. We will offer you the best boat according your needs (no of people, space and budget).

Bases (starting points) are for heading to Kiklades and Saronikos gulf : Athens (Alimos marina) and Lavrio and for Ionian sea: Corfou and Lefkas. Dodecanese: Kos and Rhodes. Sporades: Skiathos.




We can just organize your diving route by booking our professional diving colleagues – official recognized diving centers – in each island you are planning to visit: Ionian sea and Saronikos gulf), so they can meet you, provide you the equipment you need and guide you to the best dive spots.

Who we are and what we do

After many years of racing competition and fun in water sports we decide to create an alternative vacations program.
We combine diving and sailing in Greece, in many different spots around the Greek islands and the mainland, by living and travelling on a sailing boat.

We invite certified divers to get on a sailing boat and visit a different island or mainland spot every day, meet our professionals colleagues – Recognized Diving Centers and let them guide you in the underwater beauties of the Greek sea, different island every day, different port and different underwater beauties …

Our diving activity area is Ionian Sea and the gulf of Saronikos.

We also invite sailors, with friends and family for an enjoyable route through sea, sun, culture, food and beauties of the Greek islands.

Our boats sailing all over Greek seas. Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Saronikos gulf (close to Athens) and Ionian sea

We cooperate with all the charter companies in Greece, with a great fleet variety of sailing boats, for every preference and budget. Sail all over Greece and dive, when you like, with one of the 14 recognized Diving Centers, in Ionian sea or Saronikos Gulf (Aegean sea).

Come on board and sail on your own, or with a skipper. In order to feel and enjoy many more characteristics of the Greek way of life, on the surface, such as the culture and hospitality of the people on the islands (3.200 islands – 244 inhabited), the way of everyday living and the climate (dry and warm) will force you into a more leisure pace of life, whether you want it or not, the unmistakably breathtaking photos of the blue roofs and whitewashed buildings, the variety of the Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and artisanal wine and cheese, the different sunsets and sunrises, the gulfs and beaches (13.670 km of coastline and 419 beaches awarded with “Blue flags”) and combine this with diving in the Greek underwater world (8.500 under water creatures and 1.500 under water plants).

The underwater environment of Greece has two distinctive attractions: the local marine ecosystem in terms of flora & fauna & the underwater cultural sites including ancient underwater cities, artifacts and wrecks.

On about any dive, there’s a chance you’ll see ancient artifacts. This makes diving in Greece unique. You might get to observe (not touch) ancient artifacts all around the Greek seas, this is like an archeological adventure every time you slip into the water.

Crystal clear blue-green waters with white sand and visibility up to 30 – 40 meters will show you large predators, like groupers, a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, gorgonians, scorpion fish, colorful sponges, starfishes crabs, shrimps, eels, seahorses and if you are lucky enough there’s a good chance to see dolphins and sea turtles.
Or make the difference and dive in the Melissani lake / cave, near a fishing village named Agia Ephimia, in Cephalonia island.