Who we are and what we do

... "We combine diving and sailing in Greece, in many different spots around the Greek islands and the mainland, by living and travelling on a sailing boat" ...

After many years of racing competition and fun in water sports we decide to create an alternative vacations program.
We combine diving and sailing in Greece, in many different spots around the Greek islands and the mainland, by living and travelling on a sailing boat.

We invite certified divers to get on a sailing boat and visit a different island or mainland spot every day, meet our professionals colleagues – Recognized Diving Centers and let them guide you in the underwater beauties of the Greek sea, different island every day, different port and different underwater beauties …

Our diving activity area is Ionian Sea and the gulf of Saronikos.

We also invite sailors, with friends and family for an enjoyable route through sea, sun, culture, food and beauties of the Greek islands.

Our boats sailing all over Greek seas. Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Saronikos gulf (close to Athens) and Ionian sea

We cooperate with all the charter companies in Greece, with a great fleet variety of sailing boats, for every preference and budget. Sail all over Greece and dive, when you like, with one of the 14 recognized Diving Centers, in Ionian sea or Saronikos Gulf (Aegean sea).

Come on board and sail on your own, or with a skipper. In order to feel and enjoy many more characteristics of the Greek way of life, on the surface, such as the culture and hospitality of the people on the islands (3.200 islands – 244 inhabited), the way of everyday living and the climate (dry and warm) will force you into a more leisure pace of life, whether you want it or not, the unmistakably breathtaking photos of the blue roofs and whitewashed buildings, the variety of the Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and artisanal wine and cheese, the different sunsets and sunrises, the gulfs and beaches (13.670 km of coastline and 419 beaches awarded with “Blue flags”) and combine this with diving in the Greek underwater world (8.500 under water creatures and 1.500 under water plants).

The underwater environment of Greece has two distinctive attractions: the local marine ecosystem in terms of flora & fauna & the underwater cultural sites including ancient underwater cities, artifacts and wrecks.

On about any dive, there’s a chance you’ll see ancient artifacts. This makes diving in Greece unique. You might get to observe (not touch) ancient artifacts all around the Greek seas, this is like an archeological adventure every time you slip into the water.

Crystal clear blue-green waters with white sand and visibility up to 30 – 40 meters will show you large predators, like groupers, a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, gorgonians, scorpion fish, colorful sponges, starfishes crabs, shrimps, eels, seahorses and if you are lucky enough there’s a good chance to see dolphins and sea turtles.
Or make the difference and dive in the Melissani lake / cave, near a fishing village named Agia Ephimia, in Cephalonia island.

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